Wind farms: smart energy investment

March 25, 2011

Coverage of the offshore wind power legislation has missed one key point ("O'Malley wind plan meets resistance" March 24). The cost of wind power will remain constant over time. Because the wind is free, the price of electricity from wind turbines will not go up and down like a seesaw every time the market for fossil fuels has a hiccup.

We have been gambling with our energy prices for too long by remaining overly dependent on fossil fuels and failing to develop alternative sources of power. Although those alternatives can be more expensive in the short term, if we don't develop them we are going to continue seeing long-term increases in energy prices, mixed with sharp price spikes that jolt the economy.

Fortunately, we finally have a governor who is willing to have a little vision and say it's fine to pay a little extra now to make sure we're not paying a lot extra later. Plus, of course, we'll get cleaner air and new jobs in the process.

Brad Heavner, Baltimore

The writer is the state director of Environment Maryland.

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