Hire out our military to other nations

March 25, 2011

Dan Rodricks is right on the money in suggesting that the U.S. hire out our military to other nations. ("Street food and soccer, war and Westboro," March 24.) After all, until the modern age — i.e. post-Industrial Revolution — wars of aggression were always fought by hired armies; more often than not, the defending armies were also hired help.

One of the great cons of the 20th century was the wholesale selling of patriotism/love of country as a reason for young men and women to go to war. Call me cynical, but I just see it as a way for the military men and corporations and the politicians who serve them to get cheap, easily replaceable, and thus expendable, hired help. At least calling our soldiers what they truly are — mercenaries in the service of corporate interests — would not only be honest, but historically correct.

Herman Meyer, Baltimore

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