Does the term 'illegal' hold any meaning anymore?

March 24, 2011

I recently read in The Sun that some of our state legislators voted to give illegal immigrants the right to pay in-state tuition to state colleges and universities ("Senate approves in-state tuition for illegal immigrants 27-20," March 15).

I thought that "illegal" meant that they aren't supposed to be here. I'm sure there are other privileges that these "New Americans," as our governor refers to them, can enjoy in our fine state, considering the generous view many of our politicians take toward them.

It's hard enough raising children in this world and teaching them to respect the law, but when lawmakers don't respect the law our efforts seem futile. That is exactly what is going on. What is even more troubling is that there are far too many people that just don't care enough to complain.

Maybe, it's just a product of the times. I've talked to people who don't understand why I get upset about this situation. Some of them think we should accept illegal immigrants as being New Americans, and they give their rationale for it, totally disregarding the fact that these people have broken the law.

Maybe, the word "illegal" doesn't have the same meaning to them. Maybe that's just a word. And what will this do to the price of tuition for everyone, especially the legal residents of Maryland? Well, I'll tell you what it will do: It will drive up the cost of a college education for everyone who attends a Maryland college or university.

Life is not fair but why add this to everything that is unfair about life? Am I making any sense or are these just words, too?

Donald Frost, Essex

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