Capital punishment in Md. is a joke

March 24, 2011

I do not know why our state representatives want to waste their time debating capital punishment in the state of Maryland. The death penalty in this state is a big joke.

After reading the Baltimore Sun article "Officer shot at nearly same spot where colleague was killed in 2001" (March 22) I am even more convinced that there is no capital punishment here. The article states "the gunman fired a bullet into his leg, then stood over [Officer Michael J.] Cowdery's body and pumped another round into his head." What happened to justice?

His gunman received life. I, a taxpayer, am still paying for him, his upkeep, his food.

What about Officer Cowdery's family, friends, our community?

Capital punishment in the state of Maryland? Hogwash.

Margaret Lesher, Westminster

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