When headlines go wrong

March 24, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Today, we're introducing a new weekly feature: "When headlines go wrong." Each week, we'll scour the net to find those headlines that don't quite seem to work. If you see any headlines that seem just a little bit off (or can be read a completely different way from what the author intended) please e-mail them to luke@bthesite.com. That said, here's the March 24th edition. 

Here we go: 

1) We hope Gov. Scott recovers quickly

"Joe Biden slams Gov. Rick Scott over high-speed rail line" -- headline, Miami Herald, March 23 

2) It was an outdoor courtroom and it was raining

"Bobby Bonds dragged into the muck at son's perjury trial" -- headline, Silicon Valley Mercury News, March 23 

3)  Newest spokesman for Hollywood Tans introduced 

"Duke's Mike Krzyzewski looks golden in chase for fifth title" -- headline, USA Today website, March 23

4) Kirstie Alley dethroned? 

"Elizabeth Taylor: The biggest star ever?" -- headline, USA Today website, March 23

5) 'We couldn't think of a 10th way'

"Nine Ways That Being Frugal Can Cost You a Fortune" -- headline, Dailyfinance.com, March 19 

6) 'OUR caps LOCK tends TO get STUCK at RANDOM times'

"Michael Lohan CHARGED w/ Domestic Violence" -- headline, TMZ.com, March 23

7) More difficult than logrolling  

"Radiation scare sparks run on bottled water in Tokyo" -- headline, Reuters, March 23 

8) 'Break out the popcorn!' 

"What we're watching: Weds., March 23, 2011 - Violence in Israel, Syria, Yemen" -- headline, CNN.com, March 23 

9) Yes, and red, blue and yellow too, we assume 

"Color will have advertisers seeing green" -- headline, PCMag.com, March 23 

10) A question no one asked in the voice of a man from 1868 

"Does Having Sex Really Tax the Ol' Ticker?" -- headline, ABC News, March 23 

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