York, Pa., vs. Charm City living

March 23, 2011

I read with interest your feature about Baltimore workers and former citizens moving to Pennsylvania ("Md. transplants seen as helping to drive growth of York County, Pa.," March 22). I wish you would write about the city dwellers and home owners like me.

We occasionally see stories about high-end rehab buyers in the Real Estate section, people who are living in neighborhoods like Patterson Park, Butchers Hill, Federal Hill and Canton. But what about the rest of us who bought in the 1990s?

We're in Greektown next to Canton which is currently hot. We're less and less Greek, but who are we? Who are the people who keep their property upgraded and don't rent out? Why do we live here? What do we love about our neighborhood?

Please give us a little focus. We are a neighborhood of some old-time homeowners, some like us with 20 years in our home, and a big mix of new owners and rental properties. We have a great public school, which may be the catalyst for the demographic change. Please cover our Baltimore neighborhoods! When you focus on the out-of-state movement, you ignore the potential of the neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Margaret Lethbridge-Cejku, Baltimore

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