Towson: Poised to become the Bethesda of Balto. Co.

March 23, 2011

As Towson's representative on the Baltimore County Council, I would like to thank the Baltimore Sun for its whimsical suggestions for the community slogan contest ("Towson: a realist's view," March 20). Towson has very much to be proud of, but not just sushi.

Few other places in Maryland can boast, within only a few miles, three major medical centers and two institutions of higher education.

Towson has one of Maryland's only Blue Ribbon high schools. Neighborhoods like Rodgers Forge and Stoneleigh are swelling with young families attracted by the area's excellent schools.

There is a renewed interest in "walkability," a growing night life and a dynamic Chamber of Commerce.

At least three major developments are poised to transform the commercial core over the coming years. Everything is in place for Towson to become the Bethesda of Baltimore County.

The hundreds of entries in the slogan contest show that many of my fellow Baltimore Countians are equally as excited about Towson's future.

David Marks, Towson

The writer, a Republican, represents the 5th District on the Baltimore County Council.

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