Protecting traditional marriage is not bigotry

March 23, 2011

In the days before and after the Maryland General Assembly considered the same-sex-marriage question, several pundits at The Sun compared the effort to the civil rights struggle over interracial marriage, implying that if you stand for traditional marriage, then bigotry must be involved. As someone who is in an interracial marriage and as the father of mixed-race children, I find this comparison unfair and a bit offensive.

Is it really bigotry to recognize as special the traditional family unit that connects children to a mother and a father? If that association is made, then this bigotry label blankets not only most Americans but almost every nation on Earth, and every single faith tradition and cultural group in history. Isn't that a bit of a stretch?

There are a variety of human relationships other than same-sex unions that also do not qualify legally as marriage. Are these other relationships being discriminated against as well?

Daniel Hess, Rockville

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