Linkspiration: Quick links to cool stuff online-3/23

March 23, 2011|By Jasmine Wiggins

Linky links for 3/23

1. A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, Fashion Icon [nymag]

2. Coming 2012, a Michelle Obama gardening/cookbook [slashfood]

3. Handmade for Japan. Japan relief and support on Etsy [etsy]

4. I’m kind of obsessed with bike riding these days. This site is lovely. Killer bike accessories. [begbicycles]

5. Alright, we've all heard enough about the music at SXSW, what about the clothes? Awesome interactive features and slideshows. [nytimes]

6. Like spaced-out electronic music? Check out my friend's music blog, Dipped in Dollars. Always spot on, always ahead of the curve.

7. Oh, and I kind of have a crush on Man Made DIY.

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