Poll: Is Hugo Chavez crazy or funny?

March 23, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is back in the news for another seemingly crazy statement: Claiming that capitalism ended life on Mars

"I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet," Chavez said in speech to mark World Water Day, according to Reuters. "... Careful! Here on planet Earth where hundreds of years ago or less there were great forests, now there are deserts. Where there were rivers, there are deserts." 

I can never tell whether Chavez has gone completely bonkers or if he's joking around. 

He's called former President George W. Bush the "devil" and said he leaves a "smell of sulfur." He's publicly prayed for God to raise from the dead South American hero Simón Bolivar. He's even claimed the earthquake in Haiti was caused by a U.S. Navy weapons test.

My take: Chavez isn't crazy. He's an attention whore. He'll say anything to keep people from forgetting about him. (And let's face it, the Mars-capitalism thing is pretty creative and kind of funny.) He probably can't stand it that Gadhafi is getting all the attention around the world, even if it's attention in the form of bombs. 

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