Tax reform should require something from all

March 22, 2011

Any taxpayer faced with trying to understand the current federal income tax code has at some time wished for a simpler method to pay his fair share. In his op-ed piece, Senator Ben Cardin ("Deficit reduction must leave no stone unturned," March 21), suggests a consumption tax is the way to simplify raising revenue while eliminating tax breaks, loopholes and shelters. However, contrary to his message, his proposal does leave a stone unturned.

The "stone unturned" is found when he says the consumption tax "...can be structured to ensure that those who are low income — and who do not pay income taxes — are exempt from consumption taxes." That is a stone unturned in my book.

Every citizen earning income should pay income tax. Sure, the lower income person should pay less and higher income should pay more, but everyone should pay something. Whether you are poor, rich or somewhere in between, the U.S. government protects you from harm inside and outside of our country. We all owe the tax man. There should be no free rides. And with all taxpayers having a "dog in the hunt," the Washington D.C. politicians just may start listening to the electorate's demands.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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