Credit checks have their purpose

March 22, 2011

There is a move in the legislature to prevent credit checks from being used to check out job applicants. Just a few years ago, credit was ignored by those selling homes to people who could not then or ever afford them.

In fact, government agencies promoted that practice. People were able to experience for the first time a home of their own. Within weeks after moving in, there was the addition of a new car and new furniture to accommodate the new status.

It took a only few years for reality to set in. Buyers were over their heads in debt. The easy way out was taken as many walked away from the responsibilities of mortgage and house, killing community after community.

Some people in bad financial straits will resort to anything and everything to survive in our capitalistic, pseudo-rich society today.

A smart employer, recognizing the facts of economic life today, will and should be extra cautious when hiring lest he, too, be victimized by employees smart enough to have (and take) what the boss has and that he does not.

Richard L. Lelonek, Baltimore

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