Dan Deacon, psychadelic maestro and hopeless romantic

Evidence: a clip from Head 2 Head Transmodern Festival

March 22, 2011|By Wesley Case

This clip from last month's Head 2 Head Transmodern Festival is mostly typical Dan Deacon live fare — sped-up, indistinguishable vocals, sweaty kids participating in a dance-off, enough energy to make a bull's heart stop. But it's also sweet in an unexpected way: Deacon, perhaps our city's most famous connection to Francis Ford Coppola, debuts a new song (which momentarily sounded like an AT&T ad) for his girlfriend Stefani. When it's over, he explains he began writing the song on her last birthday but never finished until a couple days ago. A song that took a year to write? That's a thoughtful gift. Deacon gets bonus points for getting the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to his girl, too.

Thanks to Baltimore's Guy Werner for the appropriately trippy visuals. He put it on his website last week, but I saw it on Pitchfork this morning.

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