'She's gone': Is Katie Couric on the outs at CBS?

March 22, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

It's looking more and more like Katie Couric is going to be out of her anchor role at CBS News in the near future. 

The New York Post reported last week that Couric is in talks with ABC, apparently looking for a job after her contract ends this summer, and Howard Kurtz reported that, though CBS wants Couric to stay on through the 2012 elections, the network wants her to take a pay cut. 

Now, I don't watch her frequently, but from what I've seen, I think Couric's done good work at CBS, both with her interviews of Sarah Palin and her appearances on "60 Minutes." 

But the ratings have not be kind. Her nightly newscast continues to rank third behind NBC and ABC, having lost viewers since she took over. (Reminder: Couric is being paid $75 million for a 5-year contract.) 

All of this has former CBS insider Bernie Goldberg predicting Couric's demise as CBS anchor, as he did last night on Fox News, saying, "She's gone," when asked about the situation by Bill O'Reilly. 

"I say this without fear of being wrong: as the anchorwoman of the CBS Evening News, when her contract is up, she is out," Goldberg said. 

I don't know if Goldberg has inside information or if he's just predicting based on following the news, but he appeared certain. We'll see if he's right. 

The full clip is below. (You'll need to fast-forward to about the 5:30 mark to get to the Couric portion of the interview.) 

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