Lowering tuition for illegals makes no sense

March 20, 2011

I am beginning to think that Maryland state officials are drinking Charlie Sheen-style Kool Aid. How can anyone in their right mind justify rewarding people for illegal behavior ("Senate approves in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants, 27-20," March 15)?

I understand that the children of illegal immigrants may not be to blame for being here illegally, but by giving them in-state tuition rates we are rewarding unlawful behavior. All that does is reinforce that behavior — that's Psychology 101.

Why would anyone be concerned about being in this state illegally when they are getting perks that should be reserved for those who are here legally. For a state that is trying to figure out a way to balance the budget, cutting income seems to be a rather strange way to do it.

If these officials really want to do the right thing — put this out to the voters (who are the ones paying their salaries) — in a referendum. Let the majority decide. They won't do that though because they know what the results would be. Why can't our officials seem to grasp the definition of illegal?

Wendy Sevier, Parkton

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