Balto. Co. Superintendent Hairston should resign

March 20, 2011

Let's all agree. Joe Hairston should resign from the office of superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools and not wait until the end of the school year to do it. That's exactly what his former deputy, Barbara Dezmon, did last spring, and to follow her lead would be the prudent course for him to pursue.

He has to know that he has lost the respect of the teachers as well as the confidence of the community. Now, members of both the County Council and the state legislature are voicing their concerns over an entire laundry list of issues. He is hanging by a slender thread over what may very well become an abyss of public criticism and embarrassment. He also has to know that, if he chooses to remain for a lame-duck year, every decision he makes, every contract he awards will immediately be subject to suspicion and scrutiny.

A leader needs to have confidence in his own ability to marshal support. Surely, Joe Hairston cannot possibly believe that the taxpayers of Baltimore County want to follow where he's leading us. It is time for him to open both the windows and the door of his office, take his retirement, and let Baltimore County have a breath of fresh air.

George W. Nellies, Towson

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