Wait a minute: Now Democrats say fees aren't taxes?

March 20, 2011

In today's Sunpapers ( "House panel OKs $67 million in new fees," March 19), House Speaker Michael E. Busch reacts to criticism of the exorbitant rise in fees to Marylanders that he wants to restore the governor's cuts to education and states that the measure does not raise taxes, though some will say fees are taxes.

Yes, we should ask the governor who hammered into Marylanders' mindsets that Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s fees were indeed taxes. The governor who has been appropriately silent about these new fee increases and has said even less about his partners' in the General Assembly reversing his cuts, which make his "tough choices" moot. I am sure he won't give the comment from the inspector in Casablanca and say "I'm shocked."

Maryland citizens who bought the "fees are taxes" premise and voted against Mr. Ehrlich for this reason can now wipe "stupid" from their foreheads.

I don't have to. I voted for Mr. Ehrlich. Maybe the Sunpapers will be as responsible as they were for printing the votes for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in the same issue of the paper and list the votes for and against these new fees.

Charles Herr, Perry Hall

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