Charters should be allowed to try where others failed

March 20, 2011

In regard to the recent article about the Archdiocese of Baltimore and charter schools ("Charters emerge as threats to Catholic schools," March 17), I cannot believe that there was an offer to purchase the school building from St. Anthony's and it was turned down.

The building has been sitting vacant and costing the parish and parishioners thousands of dollars in upkeep. I don't believe the parish is receiving any support for these costs from the Archdiocese.

Parents will send their children to the school that provides the best education. To assume that the charter school would draw students from other Catholic schools should be a wakeup call for the Archdiocese. Many families understand the importance of a quality Catholic education and will pay for it, but if the quality isn't there, why shouldn't the families have another option?

The school was not viable when run by the Archdiocese. Why not give someone else a try.

William Collier, Baltimore

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