No to cameras on school buses

March 20, 2011

While I have no sympathy for people who deliberately pass school buses when the red lights are flashing, I have a number of serious concerns about the proposal to put cameras on the school buses ("Proposed bill would put ticketing cameras on school buses," March 19). First, I suspect most of the cases of this are accidental and result from drivers not paying adequate attention rather than deliberately violating a law, and hence cameras may punish a violator but are not likely to prevent the offense. Also, like speeding cameras, these can only spot the violating vehicle, and there is no criminal case possible since they do not provide evidence of who was driving the vehicle.

Second, what part of budget deficit do people in this state not understand? A budget deficit means that even though there is a good reason for spending money on some new project, if we don't have the money, we can't spend it!

Here is what I propose, if you want cameras on school buses, contact your state representative, provide your Social Security number and when the total inflated cost has been calculated, it will be divided evenly between those who asked for it and added to their taxes. You will also be billed annually for maintenance costs, enforcement costs (minus revenue from any fines). This should not be paid for by any people who either do not have children or do not have children in the public school system.

David Smith, Ellicott City

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