Libya: Will America wind up doing the heavy lifting again?

March 20, 2011

I applaud the United Nations Security Council resolution that authorizes force to stop the atrocities of Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, but I have serious misgivings about this nation's role in the intervention.

As so often the case, America is expected to do the heavy lifting while others merely show the flag. Will Libya be a replay of NATO's adventure in the former Yugoslavia? The bombardment of Belgrade by so-called NATO bombers were all from the United States Air Force, taking off from deep within our borders and refueled over the Atlantic.

I'm troubled Congress was not consulted prior to launching these military attacks. Our elected representatives have been missing in action, and it's a serious oversight. Our Navy is preparing to bombard Libya's air defenses and runways, and that sounds a lot like war.

I also question why both the Egyptian and Saudi air forces are not part of the U.N. action. American taxpayers are expected to spend billions training fighter pilots from these nations, yet when things get hot, they cut and run.

And as any military professional will relate (and I'm no professional) it takes "boots on the ground" to bring a conflict to conclusion. My hunch is Americans will be called for this task. And no doubt the National Guard will be the grunts doing the job.

Congress should be asked to do its job, namely authorize another American war in the Middle East. After all, we do have a Constitution!

Rosalind Ellis, Baltimore

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