Maryland is represented in NCAA tourney

March 19, 2011

How sad and degrading for women in sports that here we are in the 21st century and on the front page of The Sun ("March sadness," March 17), Kevin Van Valkenburg discusses the disappointment that no Maryland men's teams have made postseason play in the NCAA basketball tournament.

In his research, Kevin unfortunately neglected to inform the public that Maryland fact does have representation in the NCAA Division I basketball tournament; it just happens to be a women's team. The University of Maryland women's basketball team is seeded fourth in its region and is scheduled to play Sunday, March 20 against St. Francis.

As a former Division II women's basketball player and a current elementary school physical education teacher In Baltimore County Public Schools, I see the need to encourage and support both boys and girls to use games, sports and activities as a means to develop the skills necessary to lead a productive, successful and fulfilling life. I hope future Sun articles regarding the status of successful sport teams will dare to venture into the 21st century and provide useful information about women as well as men.

Martha J. Lappe, Baltimore

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