Wildly inappropriate presidential poll matchups

March 19, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

The good folks at Public Policy Polling decided to use their valuable time conducting a presidential poll including Charlie Sheen. Yes, he of Adonis DNA and tiger blood. 

Even though it's been widely misreported that Sheen won matchups against both President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, that's not true. He lost soundly.

"Sheen's unpopularity is pretty universal across party lines," the pollsters concluded. (Which is shocking to anyone following his Twitter feed. We were under the impression he was universally #winning.)

But all the talk got us thinking: What other wildly inappropriate public figures could we pit in fantasy poll matchups against established politicians (or their offspring)? If pollsters plan to waste their time with frivolous polls, why not really waste their time? 

Here are our five picks. Feel free to suggest your own. 

1) GRIFFIN vs. (Willow) PALIN

Kathy Griffin vs. Willow Palin: This is the matchup Griffin wants, but we're warning her, don't get in a Facebook war with a 16-year-old. They're just mean.


Charlie Sheen vs. Rahm Emanuel: We're not sure who's more likely to come unhinged.


Michele Bachmann vs. Taylor Momsen: Only if, instead of debates, they compete in geography bees. 

4) PALIN vs. ANN 

Sarah Palin vs. Lisa Ann: Either way, the country gets screwed.


Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama: Wait, this is actually a serious proposal?

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