Expect governor to leave office early — again

March 18, 2011|By Dan Rodricks | Baltimore Sun reporter

Dan Rodricks is right on the money ("O'Malley shows more ambition than leadership," March 15). It seems our governor's ambition is matched only by his ego. He effectively stopped being mayor of Baltimore when he decided to run for governor. As a result, he resigned early from that office, leaving the mayor's job he begged city voters to give him in the first place. Can I get my campaign donation back since he didn't stay for the term he promised?

I firmly believe he will leave the State House early as well, again not fulfilling his term, either seeking an appointment from the White House (the continual accolades he heaps on President Obama support this), or have himself placed in the Senate when Senator Mikulski retires mid-term. Then he can run as an incumbent senator and position himself as a candidate for the White House.

Either way, he never finishes what he starts and always puts his future ahead of the citizens and taxpayers he pretends to serve. His ego and political handlers will convince him that he can serve the public better in a higher office. Observation and experience prove otherwise.

Lori Watchinsky, Catonsville

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