Maryland basketball program lacks class

March 18, 2011

Both Kevin Cowherd ("A Duke run would add to Md. Misery," March 17) and Kevin Van Valkenburg ("March sadness," March 17) lament the state of Maryland's basketball but neglect to address the root causes — the lack of class by the basketball team and The Sun's bush league coverage.

First, it is difficult to root for a team that resents a successful program that demonstrates hard work and class like Duke. About six weeks ago when the Maryland players still thought they had a shot at the NCAA tournament, they also trashed the National Invitational Tournament (NIT).

That behavior and the foul language that defines their coach, and is mirrored by their fans, is no way to build a winning and respected program. I can understand how the Maryland athletic director might not want his family to be exposed to that environment.

With respect to this newspaper, I noticed that it failed to have a single article on the ACC tournament semi-final games. How bush league was that? If your program lacks class and the major print outlet can't even cover major parts of your conference tournament, why would any top caliber recruit want to go to Maryland?

Maryland should have a top notch program. But that requires fundamental changes and support of its conference by the press. So far, both are lacking. That's a shame.

Paul Swanenburg

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