Keep off the grass — by planting something else

March 18, 2011

There is at least one alternative available to reduce the use of harmful chemicals on lawns in Maryland ("Less-toxic lawns in Md.," March 16): Grow less grass.

If you drive through Baltimore County in the winter you may have noticed that many lawns and highway medians are an ugly shade of brown. Instead of growing grass, better to use a variety of ground covering plants, native shrubs and trees and a variety of mulch that requires no mowing and very little water.

For example, a butterfly garden can be beneficial to a variety of wildlife and be much more attractive than grass. This would reduce the amount of harmful chemicals applied to lawns that eventually leach into the Chesapeake Bay and add to its pollution.

Lastly, internal combustion from power mower engines results in air pollution that is an environmental hazard. Why not be creative and grow less grass?

Bill Huppert, Perry Hall

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