Public, Catholic schools should not be 'competitors'

March 17, 2011

I was disappointed to read that my archdiocese would not support a charter school in a vacant archdiocesan building ("Charters emerge as threats to Catholic schools," March 17). I was equally troubled by Baltimore schools CEO Andrés Alonso's comment that he was happy to be considered "the competition" to archdiocesan schools.

As the situation at Tench Tilghman has taught us ("Prayer service at city school called improper," March 14), the philosophies of the two systems are different; however, the goal must be the same. We must all focus on students learning the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will make them successful adults. That will require cooperation among the current "grown-ups," not the obsession with competition that has led us into the educational morass that teachers and parents face today.

Frank Passaro

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