More money doesn't mean better schools

March 16, 2011

Shannon Coleman's letter in Wednesday's Readers Respond column ("Better to raise taxes than cut vital services," March 16) is just simply a ridiculous and irresponsible comment. When will we ever learn that having good schools is not directly proportional to the amount of money funneled into education? Look at any jurisdiction with good test scores and compare that with the amount of money allotted to education in those jurisdictions and you will clearly see that there is no direct correlation between education funding and the ability of the schools to teach the students.

What really needs to be done is to cut back on administration and use those savings in the classroom and allow the Board of Education to get rid of lousy teachers who are hanging on just because they have tenure. Why should the taxpayers bear the burden of a dysfunctional educational system with higher taxes? This is just incredible!

Bill Countess, Abingdon

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