MADD at Busch

March 16, 2011

I never liked House Speaker Michael E. Busch, and I like him even less now. I have always considered Mr. Busch an arrogant sycophant, and he proved it when his staff called Mothers Against Drunk Driving "a bunch of naive do-gooders who just didn't understand how things worked in Annapolis" ("MADD plays by its own rules in Annapolis," March 14).

Most Maryland citizens, including those who support MADD, know only too well how things work in Annapolis. We know that the liquor lobby controls many politicians, particularly the big drinkers, and embraces them and their campaigns with generous contributions at election time.

Jay Schwartz, lobbyist for the state's liquor retailers, doesn't like the number .08 for the blood alcohol content required for a drunk driving conviction? Too bad for him, Mr. Busch and the other sycophants. Congress passed it in 2001, and it remains the standard nationwide.

MADD continues its fight for lowering the blood alcohol content standard, while Mr. Bush, Mr. Schwartz and House Judiciary Committee chairman Joseph F. Vallario Jr., an opponent of drunk driving legislation, cozy up to the liquor lobby to try and thwart MADD's efforts.

It's time for these good ol' boys to realize that MADD is not playing by the rules of Annapolis. It's playing by the rules of good old common sense.

David Boyd, White Hall

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