Make plans to see Phelps at 2012 Olympics in London

March 16, 2011|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman

Tickets to the 2012 Olympics in London are now available, marking the first opportunity for fans of Michael Phelps and other athletic luminaries to secure their seat for next year's global competition. The Olympics begin in just about 500 days and tickets went on sale about mid-day Tuesday with organizers offering more than 6.6 million tickets - about 58,000 available initially in the U.S. - to some 650 competition sessions.

This is just the first phase and people can apply for tickets through April 26. Tickets are not being sold first-come, first-serve, however. All applicants will have an equal chance of being awarded their requested tickets. Any oversubscribed tickets will be distributed via a lottery system.

Prices ranged from $32 to $1,200 for the men's 100-meter final, with the top seats for the opening ceremony going for $3,215, according to The Associated Press. The authorized ticket seller in the U.S., CoSport, says that more than 56 percent of tickets offered during this initial phase will be priced under $150.

CoSport plans a second phase in June that will award any unsold tickets on a first-come basis. This will also include any additional tickets that may have been distributed by the London organizers. Tickets will be allocated by June 24. CoSport also plans to offer travel packages that include hotels and Olympic tickets.

And you'll have to use your Visa card - it's the only one being accepted. And before you make plans, check out USA Today's "dream itinerary" for visiting the 2012 Olympics.

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