A disappointment, not a defeat

March 15, 2011

The defeat of the gay marriage bill in the state General Assembly last week was a huge disappointment. I am disappointed in the people I voted for who led me to believe that they supported equal rights for gay Marylanders, only to turn tail and run when confronted with the well-funded bigots from the National Organization for Marriage.

It is small comfort when people who are against my equal rights claim "this doesn't mean we hate gays."

A marriage certificate is issued by the government, not the church. So I don't care whether you hate me or not, but you have to respect the fact that I am a contributing, church-going, tax-paying member of this state and country, and that as such I am entitled to the equal protection of the laws.

What comforts me is the fact that I and my husband (together for 16 years, legally married in the district of Columbia last March) are devoted to each other, and that not all the Brian Browns, Maggie Gallaghers or their million dollar war chests shall tear us asunder.

William Brown, Middle River

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