Vote against anyone who supports a gas tax increase

March 15, 2011

While the idea of a tax increase may seemed justified to those sitting in the high ivory tower at The Sun ("Md. gas tax: The cost of doing nothing," March 10), down here with the rest of us commoners it is a horrible idea. This would not be needed if Gov. Martin O'Malley hadn't taken $250 million out of the fund the last three years to balance his budget.

When are we the citizens going to have people in office that actually represent us? The big three —Governor O'Malley, House Speaker Michael E. Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller — are there spending every dollar they can and then trying to find additional ways to stick it to the taxpayers with another increase.

I say we need to unite and vote against every one of the representatives who vote for these tax increases.

Len Bender, Glen Burnie

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