Sun coverage: A tsunami of silliness

March 15, 2011

I opened my newspaper Sunday to find a front-page article about the football lockout and how it will affect certain people and their businesses. But wasn't there a huge earthquake that just hit Japan, and didn't more than 10,000 people lose their lives?

Oh, I'm sorry, there was a small mention of the quake just above a huge picture of man who runs a local bar, and way back on page 17…

I am a huge Ravens fan, but come on! Wasn't the devastation in Tokyo a little more newsworthy?

How do you expect kids to care about important happenings in the world when even The Baltimore Sun doesn't seem to care?

What's next? Tsunamis hit Hawaii, thousands killed — and your front-page dedicated to Charlie Sheen and his heartbreak over losing one of his live-in porn stars?

Helen Smith, Baltimore

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