Busch blocks meaningful drunk driving legislation

March 15, 2011

House Speaker Michael E. Busch has gone from single-handedly decimating Maryland's storied horse racing industry to now placing the lives of our citizens at risk by blocking sensible drunk driving legislation, yet Anne Arundel voters continue to elect this megalomaniac to a near dictator-like status in the Maryland legislature.

House Speaker Mike Busch has once again abused his power for either personal or political gain and through indirect means is not permitting a vote on a law that would restrict the driving of drunk drivers, while nearly everyone but one holdout lobbies for this common-sense approach, according to Michael Dresser ("MADD plays by its own rules in Annapolis," March 14). One can only imagine why this lifetime politician and avowed public "do-gooder" won't ensure a vote on a law that will save lives, but the reasons are likely as vague as when he virtually signed a death sentence for horse racing and the Preakness through his heavy-handed governing.

One need only go back to the Ehrlich administration, when, in contradiction to not only the will of the state's citizens but a majority of Maryland's Democratic General Assembly members, Mr. Busch misused his considerable power and would not even allow a vote on slots in the state. Despite the support and bewilderment of his fellow Democrats, Speaker Busch shut down all possibility of slots at the time so that now we have lost potentially hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue, have adopted a convoluted and archaic slots law that puts us far behind competing states, and have witnessed battles such as the one in his own home county that pitted citizen against citizen in the struggle to open a single slots casino.

For the past several years, the state and Baltimore City have tried valiantly to keep the Preakness in Maryland, but like the Baltimore Colts, the legendary event's days in our state are numbered, and it will likely move to a more welcoming venue.

Yet Anne Arundel voters inexplicably continue to return this so-called public servant to his throne each election, even though he acts in direct contradiction to the best interests of not only those very voters but future innocent victims in our state.

Tony Ondrusek, Cockeysville

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