Where Maryland stands on gay marriage

March 13, 2011

In your article "Same-sex marriage measure advances" (March 10), Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, said "we know where the people of Maryland stand, and legislators need to listen to their constituents. If they don't, we're here to help hold them accountable."

I don't have any idea who Mr. Brown is but I am astounded that he has the audacity to imply that he speaks for everyone in Maryland. I know for sure he doesn't speak for me or a lot of my friends and family. And since Gov. Martin O'Malley has pledged to sign the bill if it passes, one can assume Mr. Brown doesn't speak for him either.

As for holding my legislators accountable, I'm very happy that my state senator, Jim Brochin, voted for the bill. Senator Brochin said before the vote that he had listened to those who testified against the bill and was appalled by what he heard.

Those who are against the bill do nothing except demonize homosexuality. Senator Brochin told WBAL AM that he couldn't oppose the bill if it meant being on the same side as people who would do that.

I sent an e-mail to the delegates in my district urging them to vote the same way Senator Brochin did, and for the same reasons. We actually don't need Mr. Brown to hold our legislators accountable. We can do that ourselves, thank you very much.

David Gosey, Towson

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