Inquiry into domestic terrorism mere grandstanding

March 13, 2011

Those who keep statistical records on the subject report that about 95 percent of terrorist incidents in this country are perpetrated by non-Muslims. Yet U.S. Rep. Peter King wants us to believe that his concentration on the 5 percent is justifiable and that vilifying an entire religious group because of the actions of a few of its members is justifiable, too. Further, he believes that critics of this action are guilty of mere "political correctness" — such a convenient whine when defending one's bigotry!

Hearings that do not address the principal sources of internal terrorism in this country are a waste of time. When politicians like Mr. King demonize a single group, they are also political grandstanding and rabble-rousing. That is not merely a waste of our money but a destructive misuse of it. Mr. King should either restructure his hearings to address domestic terrorism seriously or end them.

Katharine W. Rylaarsdam, Baltimore

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