Tax sin, not gasoline

March 13, 2011

Marylanders are suffering enough under the high gasoline prices and are already buried under car registration fees that we can barely afford. So please don't raise these anymore!

Instead look at cuts to the state or raise the "sin taxes" to help pay for this. I beg you no taxes on gas and no more fees. The money just isn't there for us to pay it and I'm sick of tired of hearing Marylanders will get through it. My family and I have never gotten over the last high registration fee of $174.50 for my truck and $148.for my car. This is crazy!

Please no more fees and taxes as they will hurt people like ourselves and cost many jobs to be eliminated! So make the cuts and save Marylanders the pain and fears of losing their jobs, their homes and what whatever is left.

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood

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