Brochin is wrong on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

March 11, 2011

I write to voice my opposition to state Sen. Jim Brochin's position against the in-state tuition bill ("Brochin: Md. can't afford tuition break for illegal immigrants," March 8), which would allow the children of undocumented Maryland residents who have attended Maryland schools to attend Maryland colleges. Senator Brochin's claims that "we can't afford it" are nothing more than a red herring to disguise the groundless nature of his opposition. He knows full well that allowing all children to advance their education provides a net gain in terms of the ability to advance and support one's self. As the parent of a third grader at Rodgers Forge Elementary school, I am more than offended that he would suggest a false choice between school overcrowding and providing opportunities for Maryland students to attend Maryland schools.

I applaud The Baltimore Sun for its strong stance in support of this important legislation.

Cathy Brennan

Rodgers Forge

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