Social Security employees are professional and dedicated

March 10, 2011

As a 32 year federal employee, the last 26 years with the Social Security Administration, I disagree with the letter to the editor dated March 8, "Social Security employees deserve a pay cut or two." The vast majority of SSA employees are hard working and dedicated to their jobs. The employees in the office I work in, the Office of Finance, are true professionals. All of our accountants have a bachelor's degree, and many have an advanced degree. Our employees come to work every day dressed in proper business attire, ties for the men and professional attire for the women. These employees are career oriented and do have definite goals in their professional and personal lives.

Their hard work has elevated the Social Security Administration as leader in financial management in the federal government. We have received unqualified opinions on our financial statements from Independent auditors for many, many years. We take our responsibilities for accurate financial reporting seriously. One does not read of financial scandal or manipulation in our financial reporting.

The employees I work with are proud of where they work. As in all businesses, I'm sure that you can find some who are unhappy or non-productive, but please don't paint us all that way.

Mark A. Silvestri, Catonsville

The writer is director of finance for the Social Security Administration.

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