Taxing bags will not stop littering

March 10, 2011

How entertaining it was to hear on the news recently that the environmentalist wackos who inhabit this state are at it again with a new proposal to charge retail customers 5 cents each for the use of plastic bags at stores. This is a nuisance tax proposal, plain and simple. Its passage would have little to no economic significance or benefit to anyone, save for the state of Maryland, which would then put these funds into its coffers in the name of cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay It is absurd to even consider such legislation.

While it may be true that plastic bags from grocery stores and other retail outlets sometimes end up in waterways, taxing their use for common purchases will not solve this problem. The public simply needs to be made more aware of the necessity to recycle these periodically at the same stores where they acquire them to begin with. The people who are tossing these bags around will not stop doing so because they have to pay for them. Apparently, the theory that operates in Annapolis is that any human behavior can be controlled by a tax or a fine. Nonsense!

This is just another example of intrusive, unintelligent government, whose purposes, points of view, and ethics are not aligned with the average citizen of this state. Every single time someone comes up with something like this, I just shake my head and wonder again where common sense went when it left the state of Maryland.

Frank O'Keefe, Perry Hall

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