Social Security workers are dedicated professionals

March 09, 2011

The people with whom I worked at Social Security for 37 years were very professional, responsible and hard-working. Their day did not end at 5 p.m. and often included weekends and evenings with no additional compensation. They were very aware of their duty to the public and took that duty seriously.

I don't know in which component letter writer Gregory Prush was employed ("Social Security employees deserve a pay cut or two," March 6), but any employer the size of Social Security will always have a small group of employees who abuse the system. However, in my experience, the vast majority of Social Security employees are dedicated civil servants who care deeply about their duty to the public and who go above and beyond on a regular basis to provide that service. I am proud to say that I worked with such a dedicated group of professionals.

Sandra Harrison, York, Pa.

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