Another senseless tragedy in Baltimore

March 09, 2011

After reading your article about last year's police-related fatal shooting, I am saddened and overcome by a deep sense of despair ("Documents: Man killed by police was informant who called in tip," March 8). I grieve for the Johnson family as if they were my own, and as if Dennis Gregory were a part of me.

Four shots were mercilessly discharged by police officers into the back of this innocent man who, unbeknownst to many, had turned his life around to protect Baltimore City residents from violent crime. Mr. Gregory was a true hero, and the city should officially honor him as such.

Relegated to statistics, dismissed by rationalization and reduced to notches on the barrels of guns, we have become like fish in a barrel and fodder in the war on drugs. And though we remain strong, hopeful, and resilient, a part of us anxiously ponders who next among our loved ones will fall victim to the Baltimore City killing fields.

Thanks to Justin Fenton and The Baltimore Sun for bringing this tragic incident to light. It is only by directly and honestly confronting such issues that earnest steps can be taken to better our city and our lives.

Tracy Stott, Baltimore

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