Energy-efficient light bulbs have their shortcomings

March 09, 2011

In your article regarding light bulbs, ("Law shedding light on bulbs," March 6), many drawbacks to energy-efficient alternatives were listed, but nowhere did it mention that fluorescent lights, compact or tubes, can cause damage to wood furniture, upholstery fabric, draperies, photographs, etc.

Our experience has been that they do the same damage as if these items were set outside in direct sunlight. Also, now we have to waste time and gas to take the bulbs to be recycled. What is the ratio of emissions produced by our car to return the bulbs in relation to the emissions saved by the CFL using less electricity?

Meanwhile, as lighting in schools has changed to fluorescent over the past 70 years, there has been be an increase in the number of children being diagnosed with ADHD. And the humming noise from the fluorescent tubes is most annoying.

Patricia Leepa, Ellicott City

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