Tuition breaks for immigrant children are a bad idea

March 09, 2011

Regarding your editorial "A flawed compromise on illegal immigrant tuition" (March 8), the initial premise of your argument — that we should be educating the children of illegal aliens — is ridiculous. Since these kids are here illegally, why are we letting them into our K-12 schools in the first place?

According to you, we already are spending $200,000 per kid to get these undocumented students from elementary school through high school. That money could be better spent on the law-abiding legal residents of Maryland. But you propose to compound the problem and reward the illegals again by allowing them to attend the state's public community colleges and then our four-year universities.

It is time that the citizens of Maryland — and across the country for that matter — cease supporting those who are in this country illegally. Search them out and send them back to the countries they came from. Their drain on our taxes and resources has to stop.

They are not "New Americans," as our illustrious windbag of a governor likes to call them; they are first and foremost law-breakers who should be treated like the criminals they are.

I know Democrats view them as a whole new group of voters they can eventually tap into. But if we cease "investing" in them and enforce the laws that already are in place, the money we save could be used for the betterment of law-abiding citizens. At the very least, it could be used to rid our country of a scourge and drain on society.

Michael Brown

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