Ocean City boardwalk poll results show wood is favorite

March 08, 2011|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | Baltimore Sun reporter

Ocean City is about to renovate the shore town's beloved boardwalk. The changes are partly to allow for better wear from the tram that takes visitors along the historic boardwalk.

So officials launched a monthlong poll Jan. 24- Feb. 28 asking folks to select their preference for the new boardwalk: all wood boards, wood boards with a concrete train lane or wood boards with a stamped concrete lane that resembles wood.

The winner after nearly 20,000 votes? All wood boards. Did I mention it's also the most expensive to build and maintain? Yes, they got votes from around the world. And city officials note that the poll is not the only determining factor. But in this age of budget deficits, government cutbacks and layoffs, it's odd to me that the majority - 50.62% - would choose the option that could be a budget buster. (I voted for the stamped concrete.) Just goes to show that we will pay anything for nostalgia.

The boardwalk renovation isn't the only tinkering going on in Ocean City that visitors might want to know about. The town council is also considering a bill that would ban smoking in several local parks.

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