Behind the meaning of Le'Ron McClain's 'Sweater Gang'

March 08, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Ravens fullback Le'Ron McClain is expected to tip-toe into the free-agent waters whenever the labor situation gets figured it out. For now, he has apparently been staying busy by launching a brand new website, which is "Alive and Winning" as the first post proclaimed, and it appears the site will soon have a web reality series featuring the two-time Pro Bowler.

I also made another significant discovery while surfing the web on my lunch break: the origin of the term "Sweater Gang." I know some of you have wondered what the heck McClain was talking about when he mentioned "Sweater Gang" on his Twitter feed. Well now we know. Here's the skinny from McClain's website:

"SweaterGang (#SGOE) is a state of mind, a covering that LeRon McClain has adopted as the mantra for himself and those in his inner circle. Starting with prayer and thanksgiving to God for the blessings in his life, LeRon dons the covering early in the morning. Passion is an action word for the “Gang” and is applied to work, family, friends and community service. Heading out the door to a business meeting, interview or the Game; “Sweaters” give 110%. Play is equally intense because “Sweaters” EARN the right to roll like they do. From LA to Tuscaloosa, Atlanta to Baltimore #SGOE play in style and with a charisma so infectious that it envelops everyone in their sphere. SweaterGang is ICE COLD…you’ll need one to keep up with LeRon McClain and his crew."

Your thoughts?

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