Md. gun control advocates capitalize on Tucson tragedy

March 08, 2011

In an attempt to capitalize on the tragic event in Arizona, the Maryland Legislature has decided that placing more restrictions on law abiding citizens who already must negotiate a labyrinth of complicated gun laws would somehow reduce crime. House Bill 330 seeks to reduce the maximum capacity of a firearm's magazine to the arbitrary number of 10 rounds.

Instead of making us safer, this bill would accelerate the devastation of our economy by driving out local manufacturers, such as Beretta, who could no longer make magazines of standard capacity (standard capacity of a handgun magazine is between 12 and 17 rounds for most handguns and 30 rounds for the country's most popular rifle, the AR-15) and reduce the number of firearms and accessories available for sale to Maryland residents to virtually none as most manufacturers are already struggling to comply with the state's complex laws in addition to federal laws.

But I suppose it's OK to further oppress Maryland citizens and wreck the economy as long as we have the proposed increase in gasoline taxes to make up the lost revenue.

Scott Dembowski, Annapolis

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