Good riddance, KIPP

March 08, 2011

So KIPP is "in limbo," eh? ("KIPP in limbo," March 6.) Good. That's the first step toward purging our public education system of their militaristic sweatshop mentality. When they leave — and I pray they leave — the talented people who teach and serve in our public schools can have one less distraction. This gang of pedagogical frauds and con men have really pulled the wool over a lot of folk's eyes, but I've seen their kind come and go for 40 years, and they have nothing going for them except their slick-talking flacks. These snake oil salesmen were apparently able to dull the olfactory sense of the whole Sun editorial staff so that they failed to detect the strong aroma of horse-puckey rising from KIPP's press releases.

So, go on, KIPP. Leave Baltimore as quickly as you can, and as you cross the city line, don't let the doorknob hit you where the dog done bit you. Good riddance.

John Bosley, Baltimore

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