End America's dysfunctional drug war

March 08, 2011

As a retired detective, I heartily agree with the Neill Franklin that the "war on drugs" has been a dysfunctional, disastrous policy without benefit ("Save a cop: End the drug war," March 7).

Worse, because my colleagues spend so much time chasing drug offenders, we are missing the animals who hurt women and children. Detectives flying around in helicopters are not arresting the pedophiles in Internet chat rooms. Officers searching a car for pot miss the deadly drunk drivers who sail past those stops.

If you have a drug problem, from alcohol to cocaine, see a doctor. Will we ever be as wise as our grandparents and repeal this modern prohibition?

Howard Wooldridge, Adamstown

The writer is a drug policy specialist with the Washington-based advocacy group Citizens Opposing Prohibition.

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