Remembering Colts fever

March 08, 2011

Thanks to a brief article published in The Sun several weeks ago, I found out about and attended a wonderful reunion of the Baltimore Colts on March 6 at Martin's West.

Former Colts Bruce Laird, Lydell Mitchell and their helpers organized a reunion of the 1975-77 Colts that formed one of the most exciting teams we've ever had. Led by Bert Jones, they won their division three years in a row and created a fever that lasts to this day.

More than 600 fans and guests attended the bull and oyster roast, sang the Colts fight song, lined up for autographs and reveled in the highlights projected on giant screens.

It was uncanny how many fans attended and cheered. It was as if the team was still playing and the next game was a couple of days away.

Emcee Keith Mills introduced Messrs. Jones, Laird and Mitchell, Elmer Collett, George Kunz, Ken Mendenhall, David Taylor, Joe Ehrmann, Tony Lynhart, Howard Stevens, Coaches Ted Marchibroda and Maxie Baughn, and a host of others.

Proceeds benefited Baltimore's Sports Legends Museum and Fourth and Goal, an organization formed by Mr. Laird to assist former NFL players in need. The gathering was so successful, many attendees have requested another one in a couple of years.

Ellsworth Boyd, White Hall,

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