Maryland wimps out on septic regulations

March 07, 2011

Shame on us! We Marylanders, primarily lawmakers, developers and farmers do not have the guts and the willingness to share the pain in support of our governor's bold move to restrict rural and suburban development on septic systems ("Septic curb not dead yet," March 3).

It is easy to unconsciously foul the Chesapeake Bay. To conscientiously help clean the bay's water is difficult and takes new actions which may restrict the size and monetary value of some endeavors. We all must share in healing our bay, and it will not always be pleasant. Smaller projects and individual homes could take care of the septic problem by using composting toilets. This creative and sound way of keeping nitrogen out of the bay makes the participant feel truly great that he/she has made a meaningful contribution to restoring the Chesapeake Bay.

Each of us must do our share; clean up will not work if we as individuals sit back and do nothing. How important is the bay to you? Let us not be likened to Mary Oliver's poem "the Sun": "…or have you too turned from this world — or have you too gone crazy for power for things?"

Cassandra Naylor, Stevenson

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